Monday, 17 January 2011

Junk Foodie !

This looks like a fun and colourful baking book for all candy and baking lovers out there! I might buy this!

"Got a peanut butter cup, a Fruit Roll-Up, and a bag of chips? Voila--Truffled Berry Praline Purses!

Passing off a snack attack as fine food is as easy as a trip to the corner convenience store with the wildly imaginative culinary creations in Junk Foodie. Featuring fifty-one recipes designed to turn the most outrageous of snacks into delicious(-looking) "gourmet" morsels, you'll be able to fool even the most discerning palates at your next dinner party.

But why wait for a dinner party? Since the ingredients are easy to find in your average vending machine, you can save money—and treat yourself to a sublime snack whether you're on the road, in between meetings, or en route to dinner at a four-star restaurant—(it's important to satisfy your junk food joneses; just don't get caught with sticky fingers)!"

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